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To pre-register your organization, please complete the contact form. We anticipate Summer 2018 for a national launch of the comprehensive and interactive Stronger Teens curriculum and the workshop series Relationship Twisters and Myth Busters.  Once the program is officially launched, we will connect with you to schedule a workshop, program pricing, and enrollment details.

We are so excited to partner with you to bring Stronger Teens  to offer help and hope for teen healthy relationships. We have experienced a high demand for this program already and we know how much you and your team care about the well-being of your teens. 

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Stronger Teens Relationship Twisters and Myth Busters workshops are for teens, their parents and individuals working with teens.  The workshops are designed to be interactive and create opportunities to learn and to spark conversations about difficult topics.  Our workshops include topics: signs of unhealthy relationships, teen dating violence myths,  healthy relationships, respect, communication, how to set a boundary, etc.  

Here is what some of our workshop participants have said after attending.

I found out that I was in an unhealthy relationship.
— a Teen, age 14
The game was the most impactful part. I had fun and learned a lot about relationships. I wouldn’t change a thing!
— A Teen, age 13
This workshop helped me introduce these issues to my teen.
— A Parent
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Stronger Teen seminars are designed for parents of teens and professionals who work with teens. 

Topics include: How to talk with your teen about healthy dating, Know the difference between love and control, and Explore why teens abuse each other.

CEUs available

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Coming Summer 2018!

Stronger Teens curriculum is designed to help teens and their parents help build resilience, self-awareness, boundaries and relationships. Using a multi-media approach to ignite learning, spark discussion and engage both teens and adults

Stronger Teens curriculum is comprehensive and interactive and can be used by teens, their parents and for those that work with teens.  Group discounts available.  

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Demand for the Stronger Teens has been very high. We will schedule programs on a first come first serve basis. Registering now will secure your spot to have a program as soon Stronger Teen programs are available!
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Our teenagers are experiencing dating violence between the ages of 12-18 at staggering rates with painful outcomes. Abusive relationships use tactics of fear, force and manipulation giving one party power and control over another. Equipping our teens to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships can prevent a teen from abusive cycles. Abusive relationships use tactics of fear, force, and manipulation to have power and control over someone. Unfortunately both teen and adult relationships experience abusive signs and painful outcomes. Understanding the signs can help you or someone you know recognize signs of unhealthy relationships early.

Relationships with others are critical to our well-being; whether these friendships are romantic or platonic, having healthy ones is vital to our well-being. In some cases, unhealthy relationships erode self-esteem, concentration, limit us from developing skills, passion and purpose.  It is normal to minimize red flags and warnings.

Prevention and education is so important at the time, when we learn of the overwhelming number of young boys and girls experiencing violence and abuse in their early relationships.  This is a critical and formative opportunity to teach teens how healthy relationships communicate, model equality and mutual respect. With the current conversations in the national media about these topics, it is a very critical and opportune time to provide this information as a baseline for all teens, and how to recognize warning signs. Teens are seeking clarity to healthy and unhealthy relationships, and they want to know how to help a friend.