Art Healing Workshop

Art Healing Workshop


Our Art Healing Trauma Workshops are great for your staff, clients or for special groups. Art can transform trauma in unique and amazing ways. Our workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of your group.

Workshops begin at $250 and each additional threshold of 25 participants + $50.

Stronger Art Healing provides art workshops as a tool for empowerment and healing to adults and children who have experienced violence and trauma. Workshops focus on themes to support healing process and mental health and wellness, including resilience-building, healthy decision making, handling anger, and identifying, naming and expressing emotions. The opportunity for survivors to tell their stories and express themselves results in reduced stress, increased self-reflection and self-awareness, renewed behavior and thinking patterns and healthier coping mechanisms.

We have 10 workshops to choose from.

  • Create a safe place

  • Source of my strength

  • Putting the pieces back together

  • Masks of abuse

  • Self care wheel

  • Personal needs flower

  • Claiming who I am

  • River Stories

  • Self Box, Heart and Soul

  • Safety Planning Mandala

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