Start a Stronger Group and help survivors reclaim what domestic violence took away.


Pastor Charlie Tuttle from Genesis Church Shares How Effective the Stronger than Espresso ministry helps survivors of domestic abuse.


What People Are Saying

“It is with a firm resolve that I highly endorse Stronger Than Espresso. I want to say, with confidence, that this program is changing the lives of many women in our church community. This program is presented from a totally Christian perspective, and yet has ministered to many who do not have a Christian background. I can’t recommend this program enough.

— Gail Stennis, Pastor of Care and Counseling, Trinity Fellowship Church Amarillo, TX

“Stronger is exceptional beyond any program I have seen. Women are sharing, healing from hurts and bonding with one another. I have never witnessed any program like this before. Thank you!

— Stevi, 10 years experience with families facing abuse

International Impact

Pastor and District Superintendent Ivan Powar of Grace Assembly.

Why Our Partners Use Stronger than Espresso

Stronger than Espresso is a trauma-informed, effective domestic violence ministry solution. This innovative, Christ-based program provides domestic abuse survivors with faith, education and encouragement. Trained Stronger facilitators lead small groups which offer mentorship, fellowship and resources to rebuild Stronger women.

Stronger Complements Existing Services 

Stronger than Espresso is a preferred resource for community agencies. Stronger training and small groups complement professional development for case managers and act as an extension of the community for agencies working with domestic abuse survivors.


Over 10 million children each year witness abuse in the home.  Stronger than Espresso is focused on building Stronger women which makes families safer.  A Stronger mom is able to be a better parent and handle challenges that she may face with Biblical foundations, with better communication skills and with more strategies to use in potentially abusive situations.  Abuse is a generational issue and Stronger is breaking the chain. 

Safe at Home

Stronger than Espresso focuses on helping survivors of abuse. Everyone has the right to be safe in their own homes.  Abuse is a systematic method to maintain power and control over another human being through fear, force or manipulation.  Abuse is not the victim’s fault and there is nothing they ‘can do better’ to make it stop or to keep themselves and their children safe.  

Often a Biblical perspective is to hold together the marriage vow at any cost, but this is not safe when abuse is present.  Abusive relationships require special understanding and training to advise properly.  Telling a victim of domestic abuse to return home for reconciliation, participate in joint marital counseling or to 'work it out' for the sake of the children is not acceptable when abuse is present.  Biblical values do not support violence.  

People who abuse others must be held accountable for their actions. Survivors must be allowed to make the decision that is best for them without blame and guilt. 

Continuously Supported

Stronger than Espresso offers initial and ongoing comprehensive training  in addition to continuous phone and email support.  Up-to-date tools and videos are available through the Leader Portal to assist with marketing and sustaining Stronger groups.  

Christ-centered & Biblical

Stronger than Espresso helps group members apply Biblical principles as they heal from the hurt of abuse and walk a closer walk with Christ. Stronger is designed to bring hope and help and transformation to survivors of abuse.  


Since 2013 Stronger than Espresso has equipped survivors of abuse in USA, India and Africa and we are growing quickly. We are certified by the ECFA.  (Have link to view our ECFA letter of Integrity.)


The Stronger than Espresso Facilitator Training equips leaders with everything needed to start a Stronger group: leader instructional videos and comprehensive guide covering each week content, weekly inspirational video sessions for each weekly session to share with participants on each healing from trauma issue, participant workbooks for daily Bible study and marketing materials.