About Stronger than Espresso

What is Stronger than Espresso?

Stronger than Espresso exists so survivors can reclaim what abuse took away, through life-changing emotional healing, restoration and spiritual growth. Stronger than Espresso is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization accredited by the ECFA.

Why Stronger?

Because survivors of abuse and violence are all around us, but often hide out of fear and shame. Abusive experiences leave wounds lasting decades after the trauma of abuse is over. Survivors often move on, but are left overwhelmed by shame, fear, low self-esteem and powerlessness.

Because LOVE has always come with a promise - and then pain - survivors feel disconnected and even pain when they hear the word Love, and especially the notion, ‘God loves you’.

Every Stronger session is written for survivors by survivors. This insight is an integral piece to understanding the survivor’s journey from hurt to healing through restorative and prevention programs.

What is Stronger Women?

Stronger Women is our foundational program and brings God’s healing to deep unspoken wounds, refocusing faith, restoring hope and igniting passion and purpose. Stronger Women is a catalyst for life changing restoration small group healing experience connecting people with God, the church and their purpose. Stronger provides a comprehensive small group ministry to position your church or organization to reach the 1 in 4 survivors of violence and abuse. Stronger trains lay leaders to create a localized and affordable ministry to walk beside survivors as they heal, and become the resources for the church and the community it serves.

I am more beautiful than my reflection!”
”My smile is back!”
”I have courage!”
”I am a good parent.”
”The sparkle in my eye is back.”
”I am learning to set healthy boundaries.

Participants gain:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Renewed thought patterns

  • Develop healthier coping mechanisms

  • Build resilience

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Establish healthier boundaries

  • Communication skills

  • Tools to have healthier relationships

What is Stronger Teens?

Prevention changes futures. An overwhelming number of teenagers are experiencing dating violence at staggering rates with painful outcomes. Healthy relationships with others are critical to their well-being. Prevention and education are the key to Eliminate Abusive Cycles BEFORE they begin!

Stronger Teens will act as a catalyst to bring awareness and provide tools for education, empowerment and prevention for teens, their parents and adults working with teens.

After the workshop, I discovered I was in an abusive relationship.
— Teen - age 14

How does Stronger than Espresso use art to help survivors find healing?

Stronger has incorporated art healing for survivors to help them find new ways to take the next step toward healing.

Loved the Art! I could finally take the first step toward healing!
— Sarah


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Who is Dr Brooke Jones?

Dr. Brooke Jones is a businesswoman, educator, Founder and CEO of Stronger than Espresso.  Dr. Jones and her registered non-profit agency are passionate to empower survivors to reclaim what abuse took away. Brooke is a national and international speaker on topics of global oppression of women, domestic & gender based violence and human trafficking. Stronger than Espresso launched in 2013 and her agency has grown locally, regionally and internationally. Brooke earned her Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, her Master’s degree in Education and in 2016 received an Honorary Doctorate degree in Theology to recognize her contribution and impact through the Stronger than Espresso programs. Brooke passionately believes everyone has the right to be safe in their own home!

Dr Brooke Jones, Founder & President

Dr Brooke Jones, Founder & President

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