Making Homes Safe Again

Often times, victims of abuse feel isolated from friends and family, and feel like there is no way out.

Often times, victims of abuse feel isolated from friends and family, and feel like there is no way out.

1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. 20 new women and children experience abuse every 60 seconds. 10 million children will view domestic violence in their homes this year.

Intimidation, threats, isolation, and emotional, economic, and sexual abuse leave victims feeling helpless with nowhere to go. Repeated physical and mental abuse results in a cycle of trauma reaction. And victims feel isolated, alone, and hopeless.

So where can they turn? Good people misunderstand and place judgment on those responding to trauma. The church is not equipped to handle domestic violence and often leaves victims feeling ignored and at fault. While shelters can help with short term crisis management, a longer-term approach is needed to eradicate the evil of domestic violence and abuse.

Stronger Than Espresso, led by Dr. Brooke Jones, is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of survivors of domestic violence. Working with churches, shelters, and community leaders, Dr. Jones has created a biblically-based approach to building long term relationships with survivors to help them reclaim their lives.

Located in suburban areas, Stronger Than Espresso has a reach far beyond that of traditional crisis oriented organizations. Stronger Than Espresso walks alongside victims to bring healing through evidence-based resources and programs statistically proven to work, including;

  • Free Healing Materials
  • Support Groups
  • Art Healing
  • Counseling


Beyond addressing the immediate and long-term needs of survivors, Stronger Than Espresso also partners with Churches, Colleges, Public City Services, Businesses and Community Groups to expand the reach and availability of programs and resources.

Currently, Stronger than Espresso programs can be found in the United States in Texas and Georgia, and Internationally in India, Africa, and Mexico. Ongoing training teaches these groups how to respond to domestic violence in a way that empowers survivors. Lay leaders are equipped to lead support groups. This model ensures that trauma resources and healing tools continue to reach victims.

Stronger Than Espresso also focuses on client advocacy, safety planning and resource support, and community education. People are not living in their fullness due to wounds, trauma, and shame. Through our advocacy efforts, Stronger Than Espresso is working to shine a light on domestic violence, and empower victims to come forward and seek the help and support they need to recapture all they have lost. What an AWESOME world it would be if people lived in freedom!