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Stronger women

In 2013, Brooke launched an international program called Stronger Women. Stronger Women is a catalyst for life changing restoration small group healing experience connecting survivors with God, the church and their purpose. Since 2013, Stronger has helped over 4000 people find healing and hope.

Brooke designed Stronger to equip facilitators to roll-out Stronger Women program in their own communities. Stronger Women brings God’s healing to deep unspoken wounds, refocusing faith, restoring hope and igniting passion and purpose.


Stronger teens

In 2018, Brooke launched Stronger Teens workshop series. A comprehensive and interactive workshop series. These workshops are designed to provide opportunities to learn, spark discussions and help teens, their parents and professionals working with teens navigate healthier relationships.

Brooke has committed resources here to reach the next generation before violence and abuse occurs. Prevention changes futures.


inspirational speaker, educator & DV expert

Dr. Brooke Jones, founder and President of Stronger than Espresso Inc. and an international speaker and skilled group trainer for corporate, community groups and churches. Brooke holds a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship, a Master’s of Education where she graduated summa cum laude, and holds a Doctorate degree in Theology. Brooke completed advance training from Trauma Healing Institute’s Healing the Wounds of Trauma and is certified by A Window Between Worlds to provide art healing programs to transform trauma. Dr. Jones continues her love for teaching as an Assistant Adjunct Professor for The University of Maryland University College, teaching Human Resources classes, as well as home schooling her two children. Brooke developed training skills as a corporate curriculum writer and trainer earlier in her career. Brooke is a survivor of abuse and violence, and lives happily with her family, and two amazing dogs, Rosie a Golden Retriever and Baxter the Pug.


My passion is for my family.

All four of us and our two dogs. Our Golden Retriever Rosie and Baxter, the funniest pug in the world.

Together we live life with all it brings. Joy and hurts, ups and downs. We all love each other and we reflect it as differently as our personalities.

My passion is also for everyone to have the opportunity to heal from adversity. To develop healthy relationships with others, and with God.

You see…It’s here we Thrive. It’s here we become better for ourselves, and for those we love.

Transparency has always been a struggle for me. To be open meant I had to let me guard down and risk getting hurt. After a life a violence and abuse from the closest people who were supposed to be safe for me, it took a trek through healing to be open enough to love and be loved.

Join me on a journey of hope, healing new relationships. Of safe boundaries and yes... transparency. And perhaps along the way, a closer walk with God.

What’s love got to do with it?

That is a good question. And the answer is… everything. It starts with learning how to have a healthy love for ourselves.

At our Stronger groups, we work on healing. Healing from the hurts of our past helps us find who we were meant to be. And once we discover this, we walk forward with a healthy love for ourselves, and our children and friends around us. For me, I had to find healing within in order to be able to fill myself up with the things I can share with others.

In 2019, I am challenging myself to write one blog a day on healing. You see, if you like me have suffered from the pain of violence and abuse, then you might be hiding from the pain as I did.. And if you are hiding… well, you can’t be seen. The real you is there.

If you have suffered from violence or abuse, you are worth more than you might possibly know. I invite you to join me each day on my blog. Join me on a journey of hope, healing new relationships. Of safe boundaries and yes... transparency. And perhaps along the way, a closer walk with God. Read, pray, forgive yourself, heal and dream again. Believe me, you are worth it.

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