Empowering survivors, equipping leaders, and transforming trauma through art healing.




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Programming for Churches, Businesses, and Community Leaders.


Training & Workshops

Dr. Brooke Jones is an international author,  speaker and trainer on many topics related to Domestic Violence. She works with both community organizations and businesses to educate and implement solutions for Domestic Violence. Register for training with Dr. Jones for your next event today!

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Transforming Trauma through Art Healing

Art healing powerfully influences creative engagement for trauma victims to communicate and process their trauma in an expressive way. 

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Stronger Curriculum

Stronger Women is a catalyst for life-changing emotional healing, restoration and spiritual growth. Every Stronger session is written for survivors by survivors. This insight is an integral piece to understanding a survivor's journey from hurt to healing.

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Stronger Women Support Groups

Join other women seeking freedom from patterns of abuse. Find a Stronger Women group near you today and begin your healing journey. Find yours NOW!

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Are You Being Abused?


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Survivor's Story


We met at church. He was a virgin, I was a virgin, we shared the same faith and above all he noticed me. It was a match made in heaven.

But reflecting back, I remember how unfamiliar he had become to me over the years. I began to transform into the woman I was to be and he didn’t like that. Things I wanted to change about myself he frowned upon and I didn’t understand why. The control and manipulation was there all along. I was ignorant of it.

First he punched a hole in the wall, another time he repeatedly punched the mattress we shared mere inches from my face. June 23 is a day I will not ever forget. On this day I finally found out what was wrong with my marriage. 


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