Evaluation 8 – When Helping Someone Else, First Determine Their Level of Danger.

Asking the right questions in a crisis situation can be very important to safety and expediting the right care for a family in danger. 

Ask these simple questions to help you identify the level of danger in the current situation: 

  1. Can you talk freely?
  2. Are you safe right now?
  3. Are your children safe?
  4. What is going on?
  5. Is he/she with you right now?
  6. Do you have any injuries?
  7. Have you called 9-1-1 for police or medical attention?
  8. Has he/she threatened you with a weapon?
  9. Are there weapons in the home?
  10. Do you have an Order for Protection?
  11. Do you have a safe place to go right now?
  12. Do you feel safe to leave?

Based on these answers you need to decide if you need to call 9-1-1, police department or a shelter. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233 or a domestic violence shelter in your area 24/7.   Make sure to document the number call received on, date & time, Name of the person calling & any contact information.  Also make sure to record what you advised for next steps.