Reviewing the Essence of You Journal [Week2]

Today I am going to take a personal walk uncovering my idea of the idea of essence of me. The Stronger than Espresso Week 2 journal focuses on identifying our own individual essence.

The journal states, “Essence is a the most important ingredient or crucial element. It is the indispensable quality that makes something different, unique or unlike others of its kind.”

What is the essence of me? What is the one or two or three most important ingredients that make me – me?

I know that when I look in the mirror I see a woman rounding close to 50. With wrinkles where smiles have been, and body parts that are losing the battle over gravity. There are many thoughts racing in my mind when I struggle to identify these core items. I know I am better off than I used to be, and I live without fear and am safe and loved. I am on a journey to discover more joy and happiness in everyday life.


  • How would you define essence? 

In order for me to identify the essence of me, I do need to admit and accept that I have a value. In order for something to have an important or crucial ingredient, it must be valuable enough in its own right.

  • Describe the essence of one thing that you can’t live without?

The best way for me to describe an important essence of something I can’t live without is to think about things I love very much. I think about my family, my kids and Rosie the golden retriever and Baxter the pug. When I imagine their essence I would say it is the thing that makes them unique.  It is their personality, their beliefs,their talents, and their quirkiness. All of these many different pieces combine to make a one of a kind, lovable person or four-legged bestie!

  • How would you describe is the essence of you?  

When I think about my essence, I first need to get past my initial desire to downplay the things that make me unique. But when I take a firm stand and decide to shout out all about me. I can say,

I am a woman… whose bright blue eyes light up when I smiles.

I am a woman…who has been told thoughout my life I am bright and I sparkle.

I am a woman…who loves to teach and help others.

I am a woman…who is sensitive to the world around her. I feel the world, people and their emotions and that makes me unique.

I am a woman…who is highly intelligent, very creative and able to master many things.

I am a woman…who is to break the cycles of abuse from generations before. I am the one to stand in the gap for the future generations to bring change to love, fear and violence within the family.


The Week 2 Journal invites me to create a picture, words or visual of what the essence of me means. I had to think about this for some time, but this is the painting that I made. It felt very powerful to create a picture of me. The colors, the body flying through the air, represent freedom and no limits and the interconnectedness of the physical and spiritual world.

Here is my painting, reflecting the ‘essence of me’ [Brooke]

Essence of You BJ.JPG


“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words which I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” John 6:63

I really love this scripture because it reminds me that we continue to be refreshed by the Spirit of God. It reminds me that I am not the source of all of the strength that I need. I am way to quick to try to make it all happen in my own power. When I stop pushing and racing, and running and gunning, I am able to get a better perspective and lift up my arms and ask for help to give life.


Lord, thank you for today and for this week.  I ask for you to help me see that I am a representation of your essence. Your essence lives within and through me. Let me come to you and be refreshed and cause me to grow in Christ. Be my key to spiritual growth and help me see the beauty in the essence of me!When I let shame rule in my life, I feel diminished and with no value. Yesterday, we began to talk about shame. Over this year, I promise to look closely in my own feelings and reactions to shine a light when I experience shame in my life.

Tomorrow, let’s talk more about staying.

Share with me what you discovered about your essence.