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Best Practices Responding to Domestic Violence QRG

It is very common for someone being abused to turn to their faith community for help. They often seek a place to understand, for comfort or spiritual guidance. Most people who are abused may not realized they are facing abuse that is verbal, mental, spiritual, social or financial. This Quick Reference Guide is a small step to putting best practices in place for your church, or house of faith.

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Week 1 You have Value!

If you are like me, I desire to begin this new year with renewed HOPE!  A belief and desire that everything can be renewed.  I believe that this year can be better than the last, that I will find more time, have more love, and make important steps closer to my purpose.  I would like to invite you to join me this year on a journey as we explore various topics, ideals and part of our soul to find hope this year. 

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The Greater Dallas Coalition - From Many, One

Dr. Brooke Jones, Founder and President of Stronger than Espresso presented to the Greater Dallas Coalition last week where over 50 pastors, community leaders, churches and agencies met to discuss the issue of domestic violence.   The impact of domestic violence on this community and how it permeates so many families in the Dallas and South Dallas area.  There are few to little resources and they are not able to meet the needs. 

Stronger than Espresso programs work to provide healing and restorative after violence.  The emotionally and spiritual road after violence can be long and stay with a person even when the basic needs are met.   Collaborating in ways to provide training and equipping local churches to provide Stronger small groups in the area. Stronger healing groups will offer an affordable and accessible opportunity to provide a place where survivors can be seen, heard and understood within their own community. 

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One Community One Cause June 1st Collaboration

As part of the Family Violence Prevention Council. Stronger worked alongside with numerous other agencies to help Habitat For Humanity paint homes to better our community! 

We COLLABORATE to help individuals, families and our communities.  Let us share with you facts about other great organizations: 

  • We collaborate with The Family Place- the largest family violence provider in North Texas operating since 1978. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Texas Muslim Women's Foundation- they created a ‘Peace in the Home’ program that serves victims from all faith communities, including non-Muslim women in need. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with The SPCA of Texas- they rescued and provided life-saving services for over 230 companion animals affected by family violence in the first quarter of 2018. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Families to Freedom- they report 70% of callers disclose their abuser stalked them in some way. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Stronger Than Espresso- they conducted art healing with over 2,000 participants in 2017 allowing survivors to express themselves beyond words. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Momentous Institute- they report 14% of child clients receiving education services have experienced or witnessed domestic violence in their home. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause 

  • We collaborate with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas- last year they provided free legal help to more than 3,050 clients who experienced abuse. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Genesis Women’s Shelter- they report when a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, it increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with The Salvation Army of Dallas- they report 81% of victims who call their domestic violence hotline for help reported experiencing significant emotional abuse. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause 

  • We collaborate with Brighter Tomorrows- they handle more than 6,000 hotline calls every year- and that's sadly typical of other Dallas area domestic violence shelters. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

  • We collaborate with Mosaic Family Services - last year they served victims & survivors who experienced abuse in the United States and originally came from 52 different countries around the world. Together we are #OneCommunityOneCause

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