Stay Swaggy

What does it mean to Stay Swaggy?


So I will be honest here – I love the saying, “Stay Swaggy” but I really have no idea what it means. 

I imagine this very put-together gal who is dressed so cool, with really bright colors on walking down the street with all the right accessories – including a seriously cool hat and fashion shades.  The world at her fingertips and every future dream is possible.

So now what do I do with that imagery? I feel like a vision of Mary Tyler Moore walking across that street, throwing up her hat…Do you remember that?

If I, Brooke Jones, was to Stay Swaggy, what would that mean?

Would I wear really big hats and cool shades?  Okay, I could probably be more designer with the shade choice, but really big hats are not making a come back in my wardrobe.

Since I had my own idea of what swaggy meant, I made the smart decision or was it a mistake, of researching the historical meanings of the words swag or swaggy. Actually after I got into it I realized that this word has its own life and I would report on that journey of INTERESTING.

First, ‘Swaggy’ in the dictionary is ‘to swag, hand or lean by weight.’  Hmmmm. Okay that’s not my visual so I dug deeper.

It appears that Justin Bieber shouted “Swaggy” in 2012 in concerts and said, “I’m 18 years old and I’m a swaggy adult.” This seemed to bring the word to a new front in the media world.  Still, I wasn’t seeing or hearing my definition of this word. Where did I get this idea?

Then I decided to go to the Urban Dictionary and that is where my search gets much more interesting.  Definition of Swaggy “Anything involving snapbacks, energy drinking, drugs, kendamas, flowing hair or cats.”   Wow. Now I am really confused because I think this definition just went from baseball caps to drugs to cats. 

I needed to double check What is a snapback? [Snapback is considered an old school (baseball cap with a snap buttons in back]   What is a kendama?

So what I learned is a Kendama is a Japanese Toy craze. This is a cool and much improved version of the Paddle Ball. So wait….is the Urban Dictionary now linking my very cool word Swaggy to Kendamas?    Now I am really taking a rabbit trail to discover the true meaning of swaggy.  Now I have my curiosity sparked and am totally wondering how I came by my own definition of this word. 

So, I start finding new definitions and history information about this ever-popular word and discovered that it is on the “don’t say anymore” list on more than one Fashion Do and Don’t lists.

As I dig deeper into the internet array of definitions of the word swaggy I have now become totally confused and a bit disillusioned.  

Swaggy – “A word that confused, stupid, and helpless people to describe their idiotic behaviors”

Swaggy – “Having swag. Being able to portray swag in the way a person walks, talks and dresses.” 

What I have learned is that for a season, this word has become the New generations alternative word for cool.  To carry yourself in a way that is sexy or cool. 

When we go to view and research historical uses of this word I find that S.W.A.G. used to be acronym for Secretly We Are Gay.

Take another turn and steal by the business community – they decided to name S.W.A.G. an acronym for SWAG Stuff We All Get.  Stuff you get when you attend an expo.  Swag bag is for the booth handouts.

Also, don’t leave out our scientific community – They too decided to steal the acronym S.W.A.G. for their own fun  Scientific Wild Ass Guess.

What I have learned in this journey and discovery about the word swag is that it has had its place in time.  Since 1841 it has been found in our English language.  And it has gone through many different versions of the word.  It seems to be a generally agreed that swag has come and gone.

Given all that I want to stick to my ideal of the word.

Seeing myself Staying Swaggy as this really cool woman walking across the street with bright colors and my whole future all ahead of me with possibilities.  Reminds me of the Mary Tyler Moore Theme.

This what I think it means to be swaggy- and I am sticking to it!

Share with me your meaning of Swaggy!

Sign Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.

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