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What does it mean to speak love? Do you believe we can bring things to life by the words we speak?

When we speak love we can change lives. 

What does speaking love mean as a practical part of our lives.

For me I find that I can do this to others. I treat others very kind. Yet for myself I find that I struggle speaking kind words.   I have begun to try harder to do this in a kind way for myself.

What are ways you can speak love to yourself …. And To others?

I know my husband are kind to one another. I had a friend ask me how long we and I have been together and I told him 13 years.  He wondered how it was to have such a long-term relationships since he had never had one last that long.  I shared with him that the most important part of my relationship with Rick is that we were kind to one another.  We were genuinely kind to each other.

Asking each other daily, How we could help one another?  Looking to be helpful to each other around the house.  I told my friend that it wasn’t the over the top events, it was that every day we spent time being thoughtful, and to one another’s needs.  In small acts of kindness and love each day.  My husband and I don’t speak words of anger, cruelty or frustration to each other, rather, we speak words of kindness and love. We ask each other a lot of questions and only give advice when asked.   Now, don’t be mislead – we DO disagree and often see things very different ways, but what we have settled in our relationship is that being kind and polite to one another is our success to making it last. 

For me, I spent so many times in previous relationships that were never like that. The kindness was always a part of a broader cycle of abuse and drama.  For a long time I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Rick and I to fall into this crazy cycle – but it didn’t happen, year after year we keep plugging along – being nice to each other.  It has taken me years to be able to settle into this place where I believe it to be truth.

When you are hurt in the past, you get to a point that you don’t believe anyone. In your core you believe that eventually it will all unravel and everything will fall apart leaving you alone – again.  It is being able to trust that something will last.  I had become so used to being on my own or starting over that I wasn’t sure how to stay the long haul.   I think that discovery about being addicted to starting over is worth exploring more. 

As a survivor of abuse I have had to endure many years of cruel words and painful memories. Have these had an impact on my body? There is much new research about this topic in terms of the body memory in terms of survivors.  

I wondered about Emoto’s experiments with water and he shared that he had 3 jars. Love, Hate and Ignored. Each day the rice was spoken over with one of the 3 attitudes. The rice that was Ignored had the most reaction to mold and destruction.  [To see the experiments go toDr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Full Documentary 2017  [Click link to Go to Minute 52]

In the next few days I will start my own ‘rice’ experiment so I can participant with my kids how much the

It is very easy to grumble and complain about those in our life, the challenges we have faced, and all the things that we do not have or feel we have not been given.  But what about the small victories we have each and every day.  The fact we opened our eyes, we are alive, we have the ability to breathe, no matter how bad there is probably something that we can give thanks for.  When we begin to change our way of thinking, it begins to change the way we view the world and all of the things happening around us.

When I think about this my own life and the angry, hurtful thoughts I have had and those mean, cruel words and abuses I have experienced - what effect does this have on me? What can I do.

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Dr Brooke Jones, Founder & President  Stronger than Espresso

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