Have Grace

To Have Grace. What does that really mean?


 Grace is defined as to have ‘simple elegance or refinement of movement’ elegance, finesse, charm.  When I think of myself, Grace isn’t the first thing to come to mind.  Sometimes I am clumsy, and feel left footed, I have found lately that I bang, bruise and hit bones and body parts that certainly make me feel like the line in Tommy Boy, “That’s gonna leave a mark.” 

 But the more I dive in I realize that having grace is something from the inside out.  There is the grace that is the human form of gracefulness I first thought of, but I wanted to go deeper still.

There is the grace of the holy spirit that is a spiritual covering, a wash, that is available for us all.  I feel that I have that part within me. When I let it shine through when I am doing what I was made for I have grace. The grace that embodies movement and completeness. When I have grace I claim my birthright as a son of the King and I claim my right in heaven and in the ages and for eternity.   

When I have grace I have it inward and outward. Grace Has Me. Then I found this song and realized it summed up what I was trying to say in words already in a song. Enjoy and let Grace Get You!

MercyMe - Grace Got You (Official Lyric Video) From the album "Lifer."

Sign Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.

Dr Brooke Jones, Founder & President  Stronger than Espresso

Dr Brooke Jones, Founder & President

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