Finding Your Cup of Happy!

I invite you to join me today for a Cup of Happy.

Today I begin with a Cup of Happy.  I just got this gift last week from my son. What I found interesting is that both my kids gave me mugs that talked about happiness. What they didn’t know, and actually no one knew, is that days before I received this cup, I had been asking myself that question, “Am I really happy?”

The gap between the question, “Am I really happy?” and exclaiming “Yes, I am happy!” for me felt so big that I was really struggling with the truth of it.

You see, on one hand I justified and told myself, “Brooke you have a really good life. Your husband loves you and is a great person.  Your children adore you and you have a fantastic relationship with them. You have friends, relationships in your community, you have work that is productive and changing lives.”

Yet, on the other hand, why do I feel the need to question it?  Why don’t I just settle in and enjoy the ride of life?

I want to explore that more this year.

I want to see if in my own healing journey I still am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Each relationship in my past eventually ended leaving years and even decades a faint memory. A chapter of a book that sealed shut because of pain and the fact that I had to leave it and move and forge ahead. But that’s different now. I don’t need to go. To run. To survive. I am surviving right where I stand.

I want to discover if I just am dealing with anxiety, depression, menopause, pending 50th birthday or something else– and if yes – what are the ways I can walk towards ‘Happy?’

The kind of happy that I own, that no one can take away. The kind of happy that is strong and unwavering no matter the joy from others or the storms that rage.

Over the years the one place I have found as my source of joy, energy and assurance in all situations is my faith. I know that is a vital foundational part. But I also believe that I am going to find in this journey of learning how to be vulnerable and transparent in this next step of my healing journey. I commit to searching for all the ways that I can fill cup my cup of happy! I do believe that this includes: a golden retriever, a pug, my kids, my husband and my amazing friends and those that love me.

Dr. Brooke Jones, Founder Stronger than Espresso

Dr. Brooke Jones, Founder Stronger than Espresso

Please share with me if you have been on a journey to find your cup of happy. What has worked, what hasn’t.

I would love to hear from you!