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Wk 2 Essence of You

Essence is a the most important ingredient or crucial element. It is the indispensable quality that makes something different, unique or unlike others of its kind.

 When I turn the magnifying lens inward, I struggle. I don’t want to turn the attention on myself. It feels exposed, vulnerable; what if I see something I don’t like?  What if when I look there – I find that there is nothing good, nothing unique, and nothing with value?

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Week 1 You have Value!

If you are like me, I desire to begin this new year with renewed HOPE!  A belief and desire that everything can be renewed.  I believe that this year can be better than the last, that I will find more time, have more love, and make important steps closer to my purpose.  I would like to invite you to join me this year on a journey as we explore various topics, ideals and part of our soul to find hope this year. 

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