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Stronger Women brings God’s healing to deep unspoken wounds, refocusing faith, restoring hope and igniting passion and purpose.

Stronger Women is a catalyst for life changing restoration small group healing experience connecting people with God, the Church and their purpose. Since 2013, Stronger Women has been helping enrich the lives of women and their family through healing.

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Stronger Women helps provide everything you need to launch a small group restorative program to reach the 1 in 4 survivors of violence and abuse. Stronger Women equips lay leaders through our Certified Facilitator Training to create an affordable and accessible way to walk beside survivors as they heal in a small group setting with Stronger’s proven curriculum.

Participants gain:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Renewed thought patterns

  • Develop healthier coping mechanism

  • Build resilience

  • Improved self esteem

  • Establish healthier boundaries

  • Communication skills

  • Tools to have healthier relationships.