Suicide Dos and Don'ts When Helping Loved Ones


Did you know over 1 Million people die each year from suicide.

Suicide leaves so many questions. "I didn't know?" "It seemed they had it all."  "How bad could it be for them to leave their child?"   With so many reports in the news the last few weeks of suicides of famous designers, chefs and others at Stronger than Espresso we wanted to share something that might help and be a free resource for anyone dealing with a loved one. 

I searched in my historical training manuals and found this resource Understanding Suicide. This overview we created for one of Stronger than Espresso Mentor Volunteer trainings and it includes resources, best practices, myths about suicide, dos and donts and more.  

When we speak to friends and family often it is difficult to know what we should do next when they are going through a difficult emotional time.  Please download this summary if you ever need to review resources, Dos and Don't and what questions to ask.  

We hope that this will help you be better prepared to help someone else.