Stronger than Espresso joins Big Brothers Big Sisters to Teach Teens About Healthy Relationships


Stronger than Espresso was honored to join this weekend with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Teen Dream Big 2018 Conference. We were able to conduct multiple breakout sessions on Healthy Relationships. These sessions included the teen (Littles) and the adult (Bigs) brother or sister.  

Did you know 1 out 3 teenagers experience dating violence between the ages of 12-18?

With that number of young boys and girls experiencing violence and abuse in their early relationships, it is critical to begin discussing healthy relationships in comparison to red flags of unhealthy relationships they may experience.

Relationship Twisters and Myth Busters is a 45-minute interactive workshop focusing on showcasing the signs of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, but includes an interactive Q&A game to bring awareness and spark discussions on topics related to relationships. 

After all our workshops were complete we found that 100% of the participants indicated on a written evaluation, they learned the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships.  89% of the participates said this workshop was very good to the best they had ever been to.

What we discovered after evaluating the survey responses is teenagers want to understand how to establish boundaries, how to navigate the ‘dating’ scene and how much friends want to help friends who are in unhealthy relationships at very young ages.

Did you know 94% of females age 16-19 and 70% of those age 20-24 were victimized by a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend?

Stronger has identified a critical need, and a desire for the teens and the adults that work with teens eager to learn more about this topic. We are working to provide more teen workshops throughout our community to help aide prevention and promote healthy relationships for teens. Stronger also will provide training to parents, mentors and those that work with teens, who want to learn more to help their teenager to seek healthy relationships.

Download a free resource on Healthy Relationships or to request a teen workshop, please complete the contact form below.



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