Our Word for 2018 is Freedom


Thank you so much for your generosity and partnership in 2017. Because of you, survivors of domestic violence are reclaiming what abuse took away! 

Your support creates change…like this story, about one of our support group graduates. Let’s call her Marie. Marie was a beautiful, smart, educated woman who was violated both emotionally and verbally. Because of the abuse, she struggled to function in her interpersonal and professional relationships and ultimately lost her job. Marie began to spiral into depression and became immobilized.  

But Marie signed up for a Stronger than Espresso support group and her life is transformed! She found the emotional support and encouragement she needed to change her situation. Marie now has her own apartment, has graduated from school, has a financially sustainable career, and is ready to contribute and encourage others. Because of your support, Marie found healing and reclaimed her life.

Your support gives freedom to many like Marie. Marie’s story is similar to hundreds of other survivor’s stories in the areas we serve. Our support groups, healing tools, trainings and advocacy are making a difference for survivors of domestic violence.

Please use the social links below to share this article, and to proclaim FREEDOM for all from abuse.

Your decision to support Stronger IS making a real difference! Thank You! 

Thank you for your continued support to help us reach more victims of domestic violence in 2018! 

This year in 2018, your continued support will enable us to:

  • Train 50 new facilitators to lead our support groups,
  • Lead 60 new art healing workshops to help transform trauma, and 
  • Distribute over 2,000 mini emergency resource ‘shoe cards’ providing crisis care information. 
Rick Jones