As we moved from September into October, we knew we had a full schedule ahead of us, since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Little did we realize the scope of opportunities God was preparing for us. We were able to touch significant influencers, educators, leaders and groups of people desiring to tackle this important issue.

We are grateful for the team of people who  mobilized to help us execute success in October- from staff to volunteers to supporters. Thank you for standing with us in this journey and for sewing into our organization with your connections, resources, talents and invitations to new opportunities. We are literally impacting the trajectory of lives as we deposit hope and healing across our community. YOU invested generously and we didn’t waste one moment or one dollar!

Thank you for making a life-changing impact on individuals and families in our communities. With all of my heart, I want to say, THANK YOU! Please read below about our work from this past month with photos of our team in action.

Event Updates:

Sept 21-23
Healing the Wounds of Trauma Healing Intensive Training for Women

Stronger than Espresso, in partnership with Agape Hope and Resource Center, provided an intensive training to help heal the wounds of trauma.  This intensive trauma healing is a small group engagement opportunity, a fusion of Biblical and mental health principles. 

As a part of this powerful intensive multi-day workshop, individuals explored additional trauma wounds in the areas:

  • If God loves us, why do we suffer?
  • How can the wounds of our hearts be healed?
  • What happens when someone is grieving?
  • How can we help children who have experienced bad things?
  • Caring for the caregiver.
  • Taking your pain to the cross.
  • How can we forgive others. 

What the participants said after the training,

  • “A new beginning!”
  • “The most impactful part was writing the laments.”
  • “I loved the writing and drawing!”
  • “I was moved to hear the stories of other women – I felt connected.”

Stronger than Espresso team members are certified to facilitate the Trauma Healing Institute program Healing the Wounds of Trauma. If you would like to learn more about this special program or how you can invite Stronger teams to lead for your small groups, please contact


Sept 26
Women of Visionary Influence

Our Founder and CEO Dr. Brooke Jones spoke to the Women of Visionary Influence local chapter. Women of Visionary Influence was founded on the idea that women thrive helping one another — mentoring each other.

Dr. Jones shared her personal testimony and experience surviving domestic violence, and shared information, tips and immediate use resources to help provide support and information so more women can help women they know, love and care about. This Chapter has many members in growing Grayson County. 


Sept 26
Dignity Initiative of Collin County

Stronger than Espresso teams were part of the Dignity Initiative – a multi-year effort to educate the campus community about five specific elements of gender violence and to empower community members with specific action steps to end gender-based oppression. Stronger than Espresso has partnered with Collin College on this initiative since the beginning for over 4 years and have served as an expert resource, guest speaker, and community resource vendor. We envision a future in which women are treated with respect and honored as valuable members of cultures around the world.

The highlight of this evening was the guest speaker Mark Wynn, who shared his moving and powerful testimony which led him to be actively involved in the effort to end violence against women. He is a survivor of domestic violence, a veteran police officer, member of the Nashville Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the National Center for Victims of Crime, Consultant to the National Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime, Consultant to the Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime, and he helped form the largest police domestic violence investigative unit in the United States. He has appeared on PBS, Oprah WInfrey, NBC World News Tonight, and ABC Evening News. He is also the recipient of multiple awards for his work and efforts to end domestic violence. For additional information, visit his website:

Sept 28
WAM Women's Auxiliary of McKinney Annual Conference

This years WAM Women’s Auxillary of McKinney Annual Conference was a huge success. WAM is passionate on fostering Relationships that Empower, and Promoting and Supporting Women in Business. Women’s Alliance of McKinney is a program of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce.  The event, Power Your Potential, was filled with a number of dynamic speakers and over 130 women dedicating a day to learn and engage with one another.

Our Founder and President, Dr. Brooke Jones was excited to present Your 1 in 4 helping this larger group of women learn the warning signs, know what to do, and how take action to help their daughter, best friend, sister, mother, niece, or any other woman in their life.  Everyone has the right to be safe in their own home.

Dr. Jones also had the group conduct an art healing activity creating an intention stone so women could have a tangible take away to identify their intention of a goal, change or transformation they desire in their own life.

Other dynamic speakers of the day included Transform Your Life presented by Elizabeth Mahusay, a successful entrepreneur for 15 years, wife, mother and businesswomen. She is a passionate, articulate speaker whose heart is to help people live more productively. And we heard from Michelle Prince, CEO Prince Performance Group, who is a Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker and author.


Oct 2
Cut it Out Luncheon

Cut it Out is a national program teaching salon professionals to know the warning signs and know the resources to refer clients who are facing domestic violence.

Stronger was excited to partner with the Collin County District Attorney and other community organizations to be part of this luncheon teaching and connecting with salon professionals to educate them.  Stronger passed out packages of ‘shoe-size’ referral cards to each attendee. These cards have safety planning, abuse signs and symptoms, and emergency resources to help a woman facing this difficult experience.

Many times, our salon professional is one of the few individuals who has access to a person and can see warning signs from their clients that go unnoticed by most individuals in the general public. Equipping this group of professionals with knowledge and resources may save a women’s life.  

Oct 13
Domestic Violence in Our Homes – Dallas County Responds Panel Discussion

This panel discussion created an opportunity for the community to learn and discuss Dallas County's plan for collaboration and response to domestic violence. Panelists included The Honorable Roberto Canas, The Honorable Brandon Birmingham, The Honorable Shequitta Kelly, District Attorney Faith Johnson, Dallas Police Department Lieutenant Kylee Hawks, Daniela Marez from The Family Place, and Irving Chief of Police Jeff Spivey.

Oct 6
Friday Breakfast Meeting – Fem City Dallas

Dr. Brooke Jones inspired women at a breakfast meeting of the Dallas Chapter of the National Networking Organization, Fem City (Facebook link).  Dr. Jones shared her powerful testimony and journey through and out of domestic violence and aggravated stalking. With 1 in 4 women survivors of domestic violence in the US, there are certainly women that have been affected by this pandemic. Either personally, or a loved one has had to endure its impact and devastation.

Fem City is networking platform growing teams of leading FEMS that create local communities catering to women looking for an abundance of support, consistent uplifting vibes, and a tribe of women inspiring endless possibilities.


Oct 18-21
Advanced Certification for Healing the Heart Wounds


Stronger than Espresso is proud to announce our Founder and President, Dr. Brooke Jones has successfully completed the certification from the Trauma Healing Institute to be a Trauma Healing Training Facilitator for their program Healing the Wounds of Trauma.

Healing the Wounds of Trauma is a Bible-based Trauma Healing program that has been developed and grown globally since the late 1990s.  Since 2010, there has been a specific focus to grow a global alliance to equip local churches to care for people with deep emotional and spiritual injuries caused by war, domestic violence or natural disasters.  It combines biblical and mental health resources into an effective intervention that fosters healing and restores relationships with God and others. It includes 327 citations from 275 Bible passages. Dr. Jones can now begin training new facilitators for this specific program in conjunction with a larger community of practitioners who believe a trauma-informed approach is critical to Biblical-base scripture engagement programs for survivors.

In partnership with the Trauma Healing Institute, Dr. Brooke Jones, provides a unique expertise that is specific to domestic violence. Stronger than Espresso small groups can help those in trauma from domestic violence and abuse find an additional intensive resource to help their healing journey in our 15-week small group classes. 


Oct 18-21
CCCFV Annual Conference

The idea for the Collin County Council on Family Violence (Facebook link) began in 1999. The work of The Council continues today through the efforts of many volunteers and partner organizations. In 2017 The Collin County Council on Family Violence (CCCFV) strengthens collaborative, professional partnerships and serves as a catalyst for a sustained movement against family violence in Collin County.

Stronger than Espresso has been a member of the Council for over four years and we were excited to once again partner with CCCFV and be a community resources for professionals working with victims of domestic violence and other crimes.

Each year we gather together at the Plano Campus of Collin College for professional development and expert speakers offering sessions to achieve professional goals for those working in: mental health, law enforcement, human resources and faith professionals.

Oct 26
Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month Breakfast

Stronger than Espresso joined Councilwoman Jennifer S. Gates District 13, the Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force, other community partners and individuals for the Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month Breakfast! 

The Dallas based Domestic Violence Task Force is dedicated to ending Domestic Violence in our community. Thank you for your hard work and your contribution to the annual summary report. 

Thank you to Dr. Denise Boots and Dr. Tim Bray and their research team at the Institute for Urban Policy Research at University of Texas at Dallas for their incredible hard work on the Annual Summary Report. To see a copy of the Annual Summary Report click here. To see the info graphic click here

Rick Jones