A Story of Your Impact

I got involved with Stronger through my mother-in-law’s encouragement, as my husband and I had separated due to difficulties in our marriage.  My mother-in-law had gotten one of Brooke’s cards at a speaking engagement, and she gave me her card and told me she thought it might help.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend a Stronger class, as I felt that this was NOT me, and certainly NOT MY STORY.  I was in denial.

Through Brooke’s encouragement and God’s timing, I knew that this class was the Right thing for me.  I started Stronger in one of Brooke’s FIRST classes.  The women in the class were all different ages and backgrounds.  Even though I started out thinking this was not for ME, it ended up being the very thing I needed. 

I learned for the first time, to have a VOICE and I was vocal about all of my issues.  Until now, I was shy and tenderhearted, not wanting to have any repercussions from voicing my feelings and opinions.  I did not like confrontation.  But through Stronger and Brooke, I was able to express my self worth and it gave me a voice, for the first time.  I have been able to pass this on to my now 8-year-old child, so that He can also express his feelings.  

Praise God, my husband and I are together today.  The class helped me to speak up and build confidence instead of trying to cover it up.  Stronger SAVED our Marriage.  About this time, I started to Let Go and Let God do his work on ME.  He has given me Patience and I continue to Trust him day by day.

Where will I go next?  My husband and I are homeschooling our child.  My life’s lesson: Do NOT waiver from the promises of God!  I have held on to this truth, even today.

Rick Jones