April 2017: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Each April we take time to raise awareness about sexual assault.

At Stronger Than Espresso, we define sexual assault as: Any action, innuendo, or behavior that is forced or coerced without the continual and explicit consent of the person involved.

When consent is disregarded in sexual assault, this means a person loses the ability to control what happens next. They have no say in what is happening to their body and the sexual act happens to them, they are not participating in it.

There are many ways you can be involved and show your support this April.

To take a stand in believing survivoirs in your profile picture:

To change your social media cover pages:

To download posters:

To access coloring pages:

And watch for these upcoming events in the Dallas Area:

April 4: Film screening of Audrey and Daisy
April 5: Crime Victims Luncheon
April 7: Evening of Empowerment for Survivors
April 7-9: McKinney Survivor Art Wall during Arts in Bloom
April 12: Healing Art Workshop at the Turning Point