Letting Go with Pamela Jacobs

Pamela Jacobs, JD (of Pamela Jacobs Consulting) is speaking at our Boots & Bling Gala in just 1 week!  And now, Pamela has created a Health and Wellness activity for us in preparation for her upcoming visit.  Thank you Pamela!

First, tighten your entire body- starting with your toes and working your way to your facial muscles. Tighten each muscle. Flex and compress as much as you can.

Make fists with your hands. Then imagine placing things into your hands that no longer serve you.  Things like: stress, anger, worry, jealousy, a desire to control, guilt, past hurt, or something else you're holding onto that no longer is helpful.

Inhale deeply and when you exhale, release every muscle and open your hands.  Let go of everything you were holding. Picture the thing that no longer serves you flying away.

On the next inhale, breathe in something you wish to hold close, something helpful like faith, hope, love, or happiness. Imagine it filling your entire body.

Enjoy your lighter, more refreshed day!

You deserve it!